Rock Tamers Parts

Last Update: October 1, 2023
Even though Rock Tamers mud flap systems are known for their durability, some parts and components may wear out with time. This is the primary reason why you may need Rock Tamer replacement parts. Luckily, the official manufacturer has got you covered! So, whenever you need a brand new bolt-hole punch, a replacement flap end cap, or a new support rod, just visit the online shop, or check out Rock Tamers on Amazon.
rock tamers parts

If you are looking for used Rock Tamers for sale and seem to find a good set, replacing bolts and clamps that may be already worn is a good idea. For your convenience, we have created the complete list of the replacement parts and hardware for the adjustable mud flaps for trucks, along with SKU part numbers, approximate prices, and details.

Rock Tamer Parts

This table will help you get better understanding about the replacement parts and hardware offered by the official Rock Tamer shop.

Type of HardwareSKU#Approximate Price
1Hub Arm (right side) in matte blackRT039$60
2Hub Arm (left side) in matte blackRT040$60
3Rubber MudflapRT022$50
42" Center Hub in matte blackRT034$70
52.5" Center Hub in matte blackRT057$90
63" Center Hub in matte blackRT059$100
7Rock Tamers Trim PlateRT028$20
8Flap Support Rod (material: stainless steel)RT045$35
9Flap Clamp in matte black RT048$25
10Flap End CapRT017$4
11Bolt Hole PunchRT026$5
12End Cap with Bolt (Kit)

  • 1 Rod End Cap

  • 1 M5 End Cap Bolt (Hex Head)

  • 1 M5 Nylon Insert Hex Nut

13M6 Trim Plate Bolt (Kit)

  • 8 M6 Trim Plate Bolts

  • 8 M6 Trim Plate Spacers

  • 8 M6 Flat Washers

  • 8 M6 Nylon Insert Hex Nuts

  • 1 Locking Star Pin Wrench (black)

14M8 Flap Clamp Bolt (Kit)

  • 5 M8 Flap Clamp Bolts

  • 5 M8 Flat Washers

  • 5 M8 Nylon Insert Hex Nuts

15M5 Flap Retainer Bolt (Kit)

  • 1 M5 Flap Retainer Bolt (Round Head)

  • 1 M5 Nylon Insert Hex Nut

16M6 Arm Clamp Bolt (Kit)

  • 3 M6 Arm Clamp Bolts

  • 3 M6 Nylon Insert Hex Nuts

  • 1 5mm Allen Wrench (solid)

17M10 Ball Mount Clamp Bolt Kit

  • 1 M10 Ball Mount Clamp Bolt

  • 1 M10 Jam Nut

  • 1 M10 Split Washer

  • 1 M10 Flat Washer

18M18 Arm Pivot Bolt Kit

  • 1 M18 Arm Clamp Bolt

  • 1 M18 Split Washer

  • 1 M18 Flat Washer


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Why buy mud flaps?

Here are 5 good reasons to consider

◉ Protection of your ride. Everything is simple. Mudflaps, mudguards, or splash guards just stop debris, rocks, and mud from kicking your vehicle in hot pursuit behind you.

◉ Mudflaps save your money. As a rule, you will need to buy mud flaps once for the life of your truck. So, you pay a small price instead of having to go through costly dent repairs, paint job, and detailing service.

◉ Protection of your towable. If you have a boat or a trailer, you definitely know, how much it costs. A quality mud flap system will help you protect your trailer, boat, etc. from preventable damages. Besides, there is no reason to save on driving without a mud flap system to maximize the protection of your $80.000 boat. It is always a good idea to protect your investment.

◉ Styling and customizing your truck. There are so many great options that allow customizing your aftermarket mud flap system. Just check out any online shop to see a variety of ways they offer to dress up your flaps. Besides, you are welcome to select from the molded, universal, hitch, or frame-mount mud flaps. There are so many options to consider.

◉ Cleaning costs. By installing a high-quality mud flap system you will cut down the time you spend at the manual spray down car wash. You will no longer have to scrub off the caked-on mud on your fenders, as mud flaps will take the abuse from the water spray and minimize the amount of mud that gets on your vehicle.


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