Ball Mount: Towing Basics


If you plan on towing a trailer or caravan with your vehicle, a trailer ball mount is one of the crucial components you need to equip your vehicle with. The construction itself is quite simple. There is a forged metal tube, that is attached to the trailer hitch on on one end, and to the trailer ball on the other.

trailer ball mount

Types of ball mounts

Modern aftermarket offers ball mounts in different sizes, shapes and styles. Besides, these parts are manufactured taking into account different factors:

  • height of the coupling device;
  • capacity of the load that is towed;
  • weight of the trailer.

Safety regulations require the mount to be fastened to the trailer hitch with a locking device or a special pin. If you use your vehicle to tow different trailers, it is a good idea to pick an adjustable ball mount, since you can raise it or drop as needed in every single case.

How Does a Ball Mount Work?

If you are selecting a ball mount to attach a trailer to your vehicle, there are certain things to keep in mind. The ball mount has to match measurements at each end so that you could tow safely.

Ball mount: dimensions and specifications

  • When selecting a ball mount, make sure its shank size at the front end perfectly matches the opening of the “receiver tube” (by the receiver tube we mean the end that bolts directly to the vehicle).
  • Also, make sure to select the ball mount that will match the height, including the rise or drop above the centerline, that is based on the dimensions of the trailer being towed.
  • Additionally, the ball mount you select has to have the GTW mark that corresponds to the gross trailer weight of a trailer. This is crucial to pay attention to this aspect to ensure safe towing.

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Expert Jesse Bishop

Jesse Bishop is in-house expert and technical writer at Jesse has been working in a body shop for 15 years and gained numerous certifications, including ASE. He knows everything about towing, motorhomes, trailers, trailer hitches and off-road stuff. If you plan on towing but have certain questions, feel free to send an e-mail and note ‘Attn Jesse’. These questions will be answered and you will see the question and answer in our automotive blog!


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