Mudflap Systems for Duramax Trucks

Whenever you tow something on your Duramax truck, factory mud flaps are not enough to catch all stones, rocks, road debris, and obstacles that fly from the wheels. They damaged the paint on the truck, trailer, and towable, causing tiny dings and dents.

In the future, these imperfections may lead to rust and corrosion of the body of your Duramax truck and damage your trailer, camper, boat, or whatever is being towed. If you are unwilling to tolerate that, quality hitch-mounted mud flaps are a solution for you!

Towing Splash Guards for Duramax trucks [Types and Fitment]

Hitch-mounted mud flaps are designed for ultimate protection whenever you tow something with your Duramax truck. They are mounted to the car’s rear and are designed to catch even significant road debris, not letting it damage your investment.

Rockstar Full-Width hitch mounted mud flaps mounted on the pickup truck

Such splash guards mount to the hitch of your Duramax and are available to work with three types of standard hitch receivers:

So there is no need to select the set that will fit the exact year and model of your Duramax truck. Just see the hitch size and pick one of two options available. Mud flaps are completely adjustable and are guaranteed to fit your Duramax as long as you adjust them.

Adjustable Mud Flaps

Numerous American Duramax owners proudly select RockStar, Luverne, and TowTector mud flaps, as these mud flaps are entirely adjustable and easy to install when needed. Let us look into these mud flap systems in more detail.

By adjustable, we mean the possibility to adjust the height and width of the mud flap system once you install it on your Duramax truck. Moreover, a top-notch adjustment system allows changing the size of the mud flaps already on the car. It is significant for those who transport overweight cargo in the beds of their Duramax pickup trucks.

When you load all the cargo into the pickup bed, look at the mud flaps and make sure they are not too low. The heavier your cargo is, the lower the ride height, which means the truck height changes. Respectively, the mud flaps will also go lower; you may want to fix this.

And vice versa, when you unload the cargo, the ride height of your truck increases. The mud flap system will also go up and leave certain unprotected areas. You must go to your Duramax truck and adjust the mud flap system height by making the mud flaps sit lower.

When nothing is towed, and you use your Duramax as a daily driver, you can easily remove the mud flap system and keep it in the garage when it’s not in use. You will be able to install it back quickly when you will need extra protection for your truck.

Solutions for Duramax: 5 Facts

  1. Select the mud flaps that are quality and feature all the mounting equipment. This way, you will save on the installation.
  2. There are several fitment opportunities for the mud flaps (for different sizes of hitch receivers, widths, etc.). Select the ones that you need for your specific vehicle application.
  3. Many great mud flaps are fully adjustable.
  4. One can install an extra mesh from the manufacturer to prevent the rubber mud flaps from melting because of hot exhaust parts.
  5. Select the mud flaps to ensure maximum coverage and protect your Duramax truck and what is being towed.


Why buy mud flaps?

Here are 5 good reasons to consider

◉ Protection of your ride. Everything is simple. Mudflaps, mudguards, or splash guards just stop debris, rocks, and mud from kicking your vehicle in hot pursuit behind you.

◉ Mudflaps save your money. As a rule, you will need to buy mud flaps once for the life of your truck. So, you pay a small price instead of having to go through costly dent repairs, paint job, and detailing service.

◉ Protection of your towable. If you have a boat or a trailer, you definitely know, how much it costs. A quality mud flap system will help you protect your trailer, boat, etc. from preventable damages. Besides, there is no reason to save on driving without a mud flap system to maximize the protection of your $80.000 boat. It is always a good idea to protect your investment.

◉ Styling and customizing your truck. There are so many great options that allow customizing your aftermarket mud flap system. Just check out any online shop to see a variety of ways they offer to dress up your flaps. Besides, you are welcome to select from the molded, universal, hitch, or frame-mount mud flaps. There are so many options to consider.

◉ Cleaning costs. By installing a high-quality mud flap system you will cut down the time you spend at the manual spray down car wash. You will no longer have to scrub off the caked-on mud on your fenders, as mud flaps will take the abuse from the water spray and minimize the amount of mud that gets on your vehicle.


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