Mud Flap System for 2.5’’ Receiver

In this article, we will discuss the universal mud flap systems that are designed to mount onto standard 2.5’’ hitch receivers. These mud flap systems are fully adjustable, allowing you to customize them to fit your specific truck. This hitch-mount mud flap system is the most popular market due to its easy adjustability, installation, and removal when not in use.

Once assembled, the hitch-mount mud flap system will always be ready to use whenever you need to tow something. Install it to protect your truck and anything you are towing. It’s important to note that a reliable mud flap system is not just another accessory for truck enthusiasts. It’s an investment in protecting your truck, snowmobile, UTV, ATV race car, boat, or anything else you need to tow.

  • This patented system is easy to attach or remove from any standard 2. 5″ ball mount.
  • UV- and corrosion-resistant matte black powder coating.
  • Mudflap height is adjustable to maintain consistent ground clearance when towing various loads.
  • Overall width is adjustable and easily fine-tuned to fit any small, full-size, or dual truck.
  • Hub length: 67 1/4″ to 97 1/4″.
  • Mudflap dimensions are 24 x 24 inches.
  • Mudflap rubber thickness – ⅜ inch.
  • Complete installation instructions included

Before diving into the benefits of hitch-mounted mud flap systems for 2.5-inch receivers, let’s briefly explain what a 2.5-inch receiver is. In the towing world, receivers come in various sizes, and the receiver size refers to the opening on the rear of your vehicle where the hitch is installed.

A 2.5-inch receiver is larger and stronger than the more common 2-inch receiver. It offers higher towing capacities and is often found on heavy-duty trucks and SUVs.

Ultimate Mudflaps for Superior Protection

Discover – the leading adjustable and detachable mudflap system offering unparalleled protection for your towables against damage from road debris and rocks. Crafted for simple installation, they accommodate a broad spectrum of truck sizes, including dual models, and stand out with their durability and anti-corrosion properties.

Sturdy Design for Extended Durability

  1. The hubs and arms are forged from heat-treated aluminum, guaranteeing optimum strength.
  2. Sporting a chic matte-black powder-coated finish with UV protection, its clamp extrusions, which are UV-protected and powder-coated, come with stainless steel fixtures.
  3. The system’s strength is further enhanced with stainless-sleeved steel support rods coated with zinc.
  4. The robust 3/8″ thick mudflaps, encompassing a tear-resistant fabric layer, span an impressive 24.25″ x 23.875″.
  5. You can customize their length using pre-defined cut lines and benefit from the unique anti-splash pattern on the rear for increased defense.

Effortless No-Drill Installation. The patented design allows you to easily attach or detach the system to any standard 2.5″ ball mount and receiver hitch, eliminating the need for vehicle drilling. It’s versatile to fit most vehicles, from compact sizes of 66.75″ to larger dually models of 97″. Adjust the mudflap’s height and width to achieve the desired ground clearance and fit for various trucks, ensuring uniform support while towing diverse loads.

Guard Your Assets. Shields your towables, whether boats, fifth wheels, travel trailers, or ATVs, from debris flung by your truck. Safeguard your valuable cargo against potential damage across diverse terrains.

Assured Quality. Every modern mudflap system has a 1-year warranty on materials and craftsmanship, providing an extra layer of confidence in your investment.

Why buy hitch-mounted mud flaps?

Here are five good reasons if you are into towing and need a convenient, reliable, and affordable solution that will serve for years and protect your truck and your towable.


  1. Protection from debris. Hitch-mounted mud flap systems protect from rocks, gravel, and mud. They effectively minimize the chances of damage to your vehicle, trailer, and other vehicles on the road.
  2. Easy installation. These mud flap systems are designed for quick and straightforward installation. They can be easily attached and detached from the receiver hitch, allowing flexibility when you don’t need them.
  3. Custom-fit. Hitch-mounted mud flap systems are available in various sizes and designs, including options tailored explicitly for 2.5-inch receivers. This ensures a proper fit and optimal coverage for your vehicle.
  4. Durability. These systems are constructed from durable materials that withstand harsh conditions and provide long-lasting protection. They are designed to resist UV rays, extreme temperatures, and impacts.
  5. Improved aesthetics. Besides their functional benefits, mud flap systems can enhance the overall look of your vehicle. They come in different styles and finishes, allowing you to choose the one that complements your vehicle’s design.

Ultimate protection for your truck and towable

  • Protects your truck, van, or SUV and your towable from flying rocks, debris, and damage caused by them;
  • Works for all types of trailers and vehicles equipped with a 2.5-inch ball mount/tow bar;
  • Is mounted far enough from the rear wheels to ensure maximum protection range;
  • Protects against the backsplash, as the molded channels direct water flow down.

Custom mud flaps & precise fit

  • Mud flaps feature molded lines that will help you trim the flaps to the length you need;
  • Using the punch tool that is included in the kit, you can create holes to attach clamps with bolts in the mud flaps;
  • Mud flaps ensure maximum coverage for maximum protection;
  • You can set up mud flaps for proper ground clearance with a vertical adjustment system to accommodate height changes caused by different loads;
  • The horizontal adjustment system of the support rods allows adjusting the width of most trucks available in the USA.

Convenience & easy installation

  • You can install your mud flaps when you are towing and remove them when you do not need them on your truck;
  • Easy installation with no welding or drilling required;
  • These mud flap systems look factory;
  • Instructions and hardware are included in the kit.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Mud Flaps for 2.5-Inch Receivers

When selecting hitch-mounted mud flap systems for 2.5-inch receivers, several factors should be taken into consideration:

  • Compatibility: Ensure the mud flaps are designed to fit a 2.5-inch receiver. Check the product specifications and compatibility information provided by the manufacturer.
  • Material: Look for mud flaps made of high-quality and durable materials like rubber or heavy-duty plastic. These materials resist impacts, weather conditions, and UV radiation.
  • Coverage and Length: Consider the length and coverage area of the mud flaps. Opt for more extended mud flaps that protect your vehicle and trailer.
  • Ease of Installation: Choose a mud flap system that offers easy and secure installation. Look for designs with clear instructions and all the mounting hardware.
  • Brand Reputation: Research different brands and read customer reviews to gauge the reputation and reliability of the manufacturer. Choosing a reputable brand ensures a high-quality product backed by excellent customer support.

Installation and Maintenance of Hitch Mounted Mud Flap Systems

Installing hitch-mounted mud flap systems for 2.5-inch receivers is a straightforward process. Follow these general steps:

  • Clean the receiver area and remove any dirt or debris.
  • Align the mud flap brackets with the receiver hitch and secure them using the provided hardware.
  • Attach the mud flaps to the brackets and ensure they are correctly positioned for optimal protection.

Maintenance of hitch-mounted mud flap systems is relatively simple. Regularly inspect the mud flaps for any signs of wear or damage. Clean them using mild soap and water to remove dirt and grime. Lubricate moving parts if necessary and replace worn-out components to maintain their effectiveness.

Hitch-mounted mud flap systems for 2.5-inch receivers provide essential protection for your vehicle and trailer while towing. They shield against road debris, rocks, and mud, safeguarding your vehicle’s paintwork and other cars on the road. When choosing a mud flap system, consider compatibility, material durability, coverage, and ease of installation. By investing in a quality mud flap system, you can tow with confidence, knowing that your vehicle and trailer are well-protected.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I use a hitch-mounted mud flap system on a vehicle without a trailer hitch receiver?

No, hitch-mounted mud flap systems require a trailer hitch receiver for installation.

Are hitch-mounted mud flap systems compatible with all types of trailers?

Yes, as long as the mud flaps are appropriately installed and offer sufficient coverage, they are compatible with various trailers.

Can I install the mud flap system independently, or do I need professional assistance?

Most mud flap systems come with clear instructions and can be easily installed by individuals with basic mechanical skills. However, professional assistance is recommended if you’re unsure or uncomfortable with the installation process.

Do mud flap systems affect ground clearance?

Hitch-mounted mud flap systems are designed to maintain adequate ground clearance, ensuring they don’t interfere with your vehicle’s towing capabilities.

Are there any maintenance tips for hitch-mounted mud flap systems?

Regularly inspect the mud flaps for wear or damage, clean them as needed, and replace any worn-out components to ensure their effectiveness.


Why buy mud flaps?

Here are 5 good reasons to consider

◉ Protection of your ride. Everything is simple. Mudflaps, mudguards, or splash guards just stop debris, rocks, and mud from kicking your vehicle in hot pursuit behind you.

◉ Mudflaps save your money. As a rule, you will need to buy mud flaps once for the life of your truck. So, you pay a small price instead of having to go through costly dent repairs, paint job, and detailing service.

◉ Protection of your towable. If you have a boat or a trailer, you definitely know, how much it costs. A quality mud flap system will help you protect your trailer, boat, etc. from preventable damages. Besides, there is no reason to save on driving without a mud flap system to maximize the protection of your $80.000 boat. It is always a good idea to protect your investment.

◉ Styling and customizing your truck. There are so many great options that allow customizing your aftermarket mud flap system. Just check out any online shop to see a variety of ways they offer to dress up your flaps. Besides, you are welcome to select from the molded, universal, hitch, or frame-mount mud flaps. There are so many options to consider.

◉ Cleaning costs. By installing a high-quality mud flap system you will cut down the time you spend at the manual spray down car wash. You will no longer have to scrub off the caked-on mud on your fenders, as mud flaps will take the abuse from the water spray and minimize the amount of mud that gets on your vehicle.


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