RockStar Hitch Mounted Mud Flap Systems

I’ve seen countless mud flap systems in my years as a mechanic with a penchant for towing. But the RockStar hitch-mounted mud flaps have truly set a new benchmark in the towing world. When towing significant cargo, you need a system that doesn’t just protect – it excels. Enter RockStar.

What Makes Rockstar Special?

The foundation of these mud flaps lies in their robust, rustproof aluminum frame. Incorporating a significant stabilizer plate, this design effectively quashes any rocking. The half-inch rubber, thicker than many alternatives, ensures minimal sailing, even under challenging conditions.

Catering to a diverse range of trucks, they offer universal and model-specific designs in four distinct sizes and two premium finishes. Whether it’s the Large or Extra Large for comprehensive tire shielding, the Two Extra Large for trucks with offset tires, or the Three Extra Large for dual pickups – RockStar has got you covered. The trim-to-fit rubber applications are a godsend for trucks with oversized tires or those fitted with lift/suspension kits.

Features of RockStar

  1. Universal and Model-Specific Designs. Custom-tailored for a wide range of trucks, ensuring optimal fit and performance.
  2. Robust Construction. Built with a rustproof aluminum frame, it guarantees longevity and resistance against wear and tear.
  3. Stabilizer Plate. A sizeable built-in stabilizer plate prevents rocking and ensures a smooth towing experience.
  4. Thick Rubber. The mud flaps feature an extra-thick half-inch rubber, minimizing sailing and ensuring robust protection against road debris.
  5. Multiple Sizes & Finishes. Available in four distinct sizes (Large, Extra Large, Two Extra Large, and Three Extra Large) and two finishes, catering to various truck requirements.
  6. Trim-to-Fit Rubber Applications. Designed specifically for trucks with oversized tires or lift/suspension kits.
  7. Optimal Ground Clearance. Recommended clearance of 5 to 7 inches, with a 3-inch minimum when loaded, ensuring the mud flaps perform without dragging.

RockStar hitch mounted mud flaps in size 2XL

Ground clearance is essential, and with a recommended 5 to 7 inches (reduced to a minimum of 3 inches when loaded), these flaps ensure optimal performance without unwanted drags. I appreciate the attention to detail, significantly how the rubber extends beyond the frame, varying from 1 inch for L and XL to a whopping 9 inches for the 3XL. The model-specific design doesn’t just fit – it contours to the bumper, even accommodating vehicles with unique OEM dual exhaust flows, such as the 09-18 RAM 1500 and 19-ON Classic. And for the Chevy/GMC fans, the standard heat shield for specific models is a noteworthy addition, though you might need a separate purchase for custom exhausts.

Installation: Specs and Tips

But what truly stands out for me is the ease of assembly. The corrosion-resistant frame paired with stainless steel hardware speaks volumes about durability. The adjustable 2-inch clamp simplifies installation without drilling – a blessing for seasoned mechanics and DIY enthusiasts. The stabilizer plate ensures the frame remains level, and the rubber’s smooth surface minimizes ice and mud accumulation and is rated to resist heat up to a striking 250° F. When it comes to removing? The vinyl-capped stops make it as simple as pulling a pin.

Other Technical Specifications

  1. Extended Rubber Protection. Rubber extends beyond the frame – from 1 inch for L and XL models up to 9 inches for the 3XL version.
  2. Model Specific Contouring. Mud flaps are designed to closely follow the bumper shape, even accommodating specific vehicles with OEM dual exhaust flows.
  3. Heat Shield Integration. Standard for Chevy/GMC 2500 and 3500 models for specific designs, ensuring added protection against exhaust heat.
  4. Easy Assembly. No-drilling-required installation, facilitated by a corrosion-resistant aluminum frame paired with stainless steel hardware and an adjustable 2-inch clamp.
  5. Temperature Resistant. The rubber surface is rated to withstand heat up to 250° F.
  6. Simple Removal Process. Features vinyl-capped stops for straightforward receiver pin alignment, ensuring easy removal when needed.
  7. Precise Frame Openings. Provides visual access to receiver pin, safety chains, and wiring, making it user-friendly and functional.
  8. Smooth Rubber Surface. Designed to minimize the accumulation of ice and mud, ensuring a clean look and reduced maintenance.

In the towing world, RockStar hitch-mounted mud flaps aren’t just a protective measure; they invest in style, function, and peace of mind. As someone deeply entrenched in automotive care and with an advanced understanding of towing, I can confidently say these mud flaps are a game-changer.


Why buy mud flaps?

Here are 5 good reasons to consider

◉ Protection of your ride. Everything is simple. Mudflaps, mudguards, or splash guards just stop debris, rocks, and mud from kicking your vehicle in hot pursuit behind you.

◉ Mudflaps save your money. As a rule, you will need to buy mud flaps once for the life of your truck. So, you pay a small price instead of having to go through costly dent repairs, paint job, and detailing service.

◉ Protection of your towable. If you have a boat or a trailer, you definitely know, how much it costs. A quality mud flap system will help you protect your trailer, boat, etc. from preventable damages. Besides, there is no reason to save on driving without a mud flap system to maximize the protection of your $80.000 boat. It is always a good idea to protect your investment.

◉ Styling and customizing your truck. There are so many great options that allow customizing your aftermarket mud flap system. Just check out any online shop to see a variety of ways they offer to dress up your flaps. Besides, you are welcome to select from the molded, universal, hitch, or frame-mount mud flaps. There are so many options to consider.

◉ Cleaning costs. By installing a high-quality mud flap system you will cut down the time you spend at the manual spray down car wash. You will no longer have to scrub off the caked-on mud on your fenders, as mud flaps will take the abuse from the water spray and minimize the amount of mud that gets on your vehicle.


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